Anxiety Will Not Win!

Do you ever have that day where you are just able to reflect on your life? Today has been just that for me. Nothing exciting really happened either. My day started out with being able to sleep in while my husband went downstairs to clean up. When I woke up I posted some new item… Continue reading Anxiety Will Not Win!

Pushing Summer Away!

Does anyone else feel as though this summer has already ended and we are moving into Fall? I recently took a trip to Disney World with my family and when I arrived back I felt as though summer was over and we needed to start preparing for school and fall. I felt the urge to… Continue reading Pushing Summer Away!

Real Struggles of A Bonus Mom

Bonus mom. The meaning of this is basically that of a step mom but in gentler terms as to not be viewed as evil such as Lady Tremaine in Cinderella. A bonus mom is a mom by choice due to love. She chose to be in a relationship to care and protect a child that… Continue reading Real Struggles of A Bonus Mom

Just when you thought you were hurt enough….

So the other night like many others, the little one had her out burst about her homework and “no one will help her” which means no one will do it for her like she would like us to. She then decided she wanted to crochet (which I taught her a few days prior thinking it… Continue reading Just when you thought you were hurt enough….

Relationship Struggles

I realize that every step parent has struggles with their step children. What I am curious about is how do they have the motivation to keep attempting to build the relationship when you get knocked down, hurt and disrespected so often? The little one and I have a very rocky relationship. The struggles she has… Continue reading Relationship Struggles