Outside My Window

I have decided that I am going to start to use a creative writing prompt to get my thoughts moving. I have found that writing daily helps clear my head and also give me something to do that I actually love.
Today is Day 1 and my prompt is “What is going on outside the window?
I am lucky enough to actually have a window seat at work. Some of my co workers sit inside inner cubicles and are unable to see the light of day until their lunch or the end of the work day.
Today, outside my window in a combination of weather elements. For most of the day it was dry and sunny. You were able to see the haziness from the humidity. Directly across from my window is green grass which was recently mowed but very green while the moved grass has now turned brown as it lays on top. It probably would look a little more professional if they bagged the loose grass as they mowed but we take what we can get. There is also two flower beds which daily we are still amazed that the flowers are still alive. They are very out of season to still be alive. The flower beds have not been weeded so there is milk weed and grass coming though.
Within one of the bed is the flag pole. The flag stands nice and tall each day we arrive. I’m still convinced they never take the flag down at night, only when it is a massive snow storm.
To the left out the window is the parking lot. It is currently shift change so most of the spots have opened up from what was taken this morning but still many cars. We only have 2 rows of parking but the front row is mainly for visitors while the second row is labeled “Employee Parking”.
There are storms in the area today. About 20 minutes ago one came through and it rained for like 5 minutes really hard and then stopped. We often refer to it as bipolar weather because it will be very nice with blue skies and then it will suddenly get dark and cloudy and rain, then it will clear and have blue skies again. A basic summer shower is what it actually is. The puddles are now starting to dry up. I can only imagine how muggy it will still feel when leaving work.
Beyond the immediate property here are trees. Most days it can relax me to watch them sway in the breeze almost like they are dancing to keep us occupied cause god knows it super boring in here. Although some days the clientele that comes in, which I have a window seat to watch them arrive, is very interesting. Watching what people wear, new styles that are in now and hair cut and color are what really get us. Occasionally we get a person that leaves furious and we can watch them flip out as they exit.
This very moment, it has begun to rain again. How funny weather can change in an instant.
Even with the weird weather and the semi professional upkeep of the flowerbed and lawn, I find my view very pleasant. The only thing that would top this is a beach or ocean view. If I had any type of those views I probably would not consider it work.
Whats going on outside your window today?

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