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Pushing Summer Away!

Does anyone else feel as though this summer has already ended and we are moving into Fall?
I recently took a trip to Disney World with my family and when I arrived back I felt as though summer was over and we needed to start preparing for school and fall. I felt the urge to pull out the big comfy sweaters and the fall decorations and start prepping the yard. All these I did not actually do but I felt like I needed to start. I’m sure it did not help that one of the days I felt this way the temperature had dropped to below 60 making it feel like fall weather.
I used to say that summer was my favorite season because it was always warm and sunny. Summer came with BBQs, swimming and family fun. When it actually comes down to it, that is the fun from when I was a child and what most children enjoy.
Reality is…. super humid days with severe thunderstorms to follow….bees stings (which we haven’t seen much of) and mosquito bites when trying to enjoy a glass of wine in the evening outdoors watching the sun set and the stars come out. Sun burn and extremely warm seats in your car. No school which mean summer programs that are mostly outdoors and end at 2pm or even earlier, making finding childcare is difficult. We luck out and have family that visit and are willing to help out but this is a true struggle for most working parents.
I won’t lie. I do enjoy warm humid weather. Our days average about 90 most days. When we were in Florida the temperature with humidity was 105 which was terrible but I loved. I feel that I had my fair share of warm weather, mosquito bites and torrential downpours.
I am not by any means trying to rush winter and snow but I think I am ready for fall. I can’t wait for the color change of the leaves and then raking them into a pile so the kids can jump and play in them. There is a distinct smell of fall that I always enjoy along with the cooler evenings where you can cuddle up with a blanket around you and a nice cup of tea before bed. Even better, the mornings with waking up to a cool house with the smell of nice brewed coffee, this season always calls for pumpkin spice EVERYTHING!
I can’t wait for the fall events with family. Pumpkin and apple picking. Fall home decorating. Preparing for Halloween events and getting to carve those pumpkins that were picked. Football also starts which means family dinners on Sunday with hearing them cheer on their favorite team. I also love to take advantage of the cooler season to crochet and knit blankets and other items. I always consider the cooler months my craft months because I am always inside.
While I don’t really want summer to end because I dislike snow, I just feel like fall is so much more of a peaceful season. I feel like people slow down and take it in more than spring or summer.

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