The Countdown is On

Today marks 24 days until my Fiance and I tie the knot. I honestly cannot wait to marry this man. As hard as the last 4 years have been I am the happiest I have ever been and wouldn’t change it for the world. The one thing I am very worried about is how his daughter will react. Everyone we speak to that has contact with her either at school or from her mom’s side says she is so excited and is counting down. When she is with us we do not get any excitement from her except that she gets to wear a pretty dress. She constantly tells me she doesn’t want me to marry him and I won’t because she will make him not do it.
The thing I just do not understand is that it is not like anything will change from the way it is now except that I will have his last name and someday..hopefully soon..she will have a brother or sister. I live with them and have for the last 4 years and know the daily route. She sees it as a super huge change and I am not sure why. If anyone can give me some insight that would be great so I can understand more because she won’t tell me.
I realize its been months since I last wrote but obviously things have been hectic. I work full time. I am finally done with college in May, the day before our wedding. Planning this wedding has been very interesting but I am now down to 3 week with minor things to finish up which is great. I can’t wait for it all to settle down because I need a nice long quiet weekend to be lazy.
One thing I cannot wait for is to start expanding our family. I cannot wait to be pregnant and know that we are having a child. Now, it is possible I am currently pregnant but all home pregnancy test come back negative so I am going with that until next week when I should know for sure. I felt so nauseas the last two week and have been extremely tired but I have no other signs so I am thinking it may have just been a bug I had. At any rate, I know we should rush it and it will happen when it happens so if that time isn’t now I will not be upset because I know there is something great in store for us.
Another great thing the last couple months is that I have begun my journey with Team Beachbody. I have participated in the program since November and in January decided to become a coach. I have lost 10lbs and 15 inches all over my body. It is the best feeling. I am still working on losing some more to get to my goal but with stress it has been difficult. I have wanted everything I should have. I think the best part is knowing I can still eat what I want but just in moderation. Also, the workouts. That is my “me time”. I go downstairs and hide away from everyone and focus on myself. It is the best!



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