Bonus Mom

Today will be Positive No Matter What the Outcome!


Today is a very important but stressful day for our family. While the little one is off with her Grandparents on an end of the summer camping trip we have decided to schedule an appointment with a Child Development Specialist/Therapist.

After her physical with her general doctor, we explained some problems we have been having with her. Over the last 2 years she has been what we called a “unique kid”. She has days were she is happy and days where she seems sad. The problem is that many of the days in between consist of her being happy for a bit and laughing and the next second she get angry, yelling at us. That yelling usually evolves to screaming and screeching. Once she is at this stage it would take a type of super hero to bring her back down. She will destroy and throw anything in her path including any people (biting, scratching, hitting, etc). She will go on like this for about an hour. On some occasions her father will have to almost bear hug and hold her because she becomes so violent that it is the only way to calm her and get her to listen and realize what she is doing. Once she does calm down she will fall asleep and wake up about an hour later like nothing ever happened. She always tells us she doesn’t remember certain things but at this point this is where we have to tread lightly because we know as well as she does that we have to give her a punishment because of how she acted. We have to choose carefully if we are going to take away a toy of her or just give her a week of no TV or no playing with friends. If we choose something that will get her upset, which often down, we go through the fighting all over again.

Dealing with separate household I think plays a big roll in this. We have more rules and expectations in behavior in this household than she does at her Mothers. She also does not get much interaction at her Mother’s home sadly. She has told us in the past that she goes there and watches TV most of the time. Now whether or not she is telling the truth is a whole other story.

She also has problems in school with completing classwork and paying attention. The teachers have reported to us that they constantly have to redirect her attention back to the assignment. She also feels she does not have to follow direction with her teacher, as she feels the same with us. This has created many notes and phone calls home. Her state test scores are starting to reflect the issues she has.

So as I said, today we have the first appointment with the specialist where only the parents go. I’m believing that we will explain what is going on in hopes that she can get some help. Unfortunately, her general doctor has mentioned that she may possibly have ADHD which isn’t the end of the world, but also isn’t something any parent would want to hear their child may have. We are hoping that if we can get her treated for whatever they believe she has then she we will have a less stressful household and it will help her focus and excel in school as we would love her to.

This little girl is her daddy’s world. For them to be able to interact and play without her having an outburst of anger would make him so happy. I feel like we all just want to have a more fun, happy and playful home that maybe in the next year or two a sibling for her can be brought into.

Fingers Crossed and Prayers being said today.



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