It’s All About the Children

It’s All About the Children

This post is written as part of a college assignment for ENG317.

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Many people think that being a stay at home mom, whether it is part-time or full-time, is just a way to get out of having to work like everyone else. If a mom has the ability, support and sanity to stay home all day every day then they are privileged. Many moms wish they can but also know that in order to survive and provide they need to work. What many do not know is that staying home is a job also, and very full time at that. The mom has to provide for the kids all day while keeping up on house work. She has to cook, clean, change diapers, and entertain. This is not a 9 to 5 job. This is a 24-hour job but it is an important one.

The reason I picked this topic isn’t to prove about how staying home is a full-time job also, it was to tell about how it is important to the children. Children rely on a parent most of their childhood, even into teen years. Some still rely on them when they get into their adult years also. No matter whether the parents both work or one stays home, it is important that one is there for the children at some point for interaction. Children crave this. The advantage to having a parent around all the time is that the child will develop the security of knowing they are there. This may become a problem when the child goes off to school but with time it will be normal for the child. This keeps not only the child happy but also the parents feel better knowing the child is happy.

Having a step daughter and being able to be home with her make me feel very comfortable. Although she is 8 years old and is at the age where she just wants to play with friends, I like knowing that she has at least one parent that is there for her to talk to or in case there is an emergency. She might not admit it but I am sure she likes being home and not in someone else’s home being watched until a parent gets out of work, especially in the summer time. My fiancé more relaxed at work not having to worry about who is going to get her off the bus or pick her up from school. It makes everything more relaxing in the whole household.

The whole purpose to this topic is that when we have children, even if they aren’t biologically yours, your world revolves around them. You do anything and everything to make sure they have the best and they are happy.


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